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Learn How to Conquer Three Sterile Processing Challenges!

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Are you ready to enhance your skills as a Sterile Processing professional? Join our comprehensive and enlightening CEU course that focuses on conquering three critical challenges you face every day. 

Standardize. Simplify. Educate.™


The Winning Trio for Success

1. Standardize Your Brushes 

Discover the power of consistency. We'll guide you in standardizing your brushes, ensuring a uniform and effective cleaning process. Say goodbye to variability and hello to excellence.

2. Simplify Your Processes  

Time is precious, and we understand that. Our course is designed to simplify your processes, streamlining your workflow and reducing complexities. Efficiency awaits!

3. Educate Your Team 

Knowledge is the cornerstone of growth. Equip your team with the latest insights and best practices. Our course not only empowers you but also elevates your entire team's expertise.

Your Path to Certification and Expertise

By enrolling in our CEU course, you'll be taking a decisive step toward mastering the art of sterile processing.

Here's what you can expect:

Invaluable Partnership
Developed in collaboration with CBSPD and HSPA, our course is backed by industry expertise and certification bodies. 

Brush Mastery
Gain a deep understanding of the pivotal role brushes play in the cleanliness and safety of medical devices.

Industry Standards
Navigate the maze of recommended practices confidently, ensuring patient safety and regulatory compliance.

CEU Credit
Earn 1 CEU credit toward certification, boosting your professional credentials and career prospects.

Wide Applicability
Whether you're an individual facility, part of a health system, or associated with professional groups, our course caters to your needs.


Hear What Our Participants Say

Our techs said that the brush education was the most informative inservice they've had all year! 

SW, SPD Educator

Sharn helped us get our organization in order, and now our instrument cleaning tools are always stocked and ready to use.

SPD Manager

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Don't miss out on this exceptional opportunity to enrich your knowledge, streamline your processes, and earn a valuable CEU credit toward certification. Your journey to conquering sterile processing challenges starts here!

Standardize. Simplify. Educate. Elevate.