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Trust Sharn to Help You Avoid Fraudulent Distributors

With COVID-19 placing unprecedented demands on supply, you may be considering placing your trust in an unknown source to provide additional supplies for your facility. We're here to help you recognize the red flags of fraudulent supply offers.

We Stand Behind Our Commitment to Quality

Coming from the healthcare industry, one of our top priorities is to ensure the integrity of our product information and product quality. With the health and safety of our customers in mind, we are committed to upholding our reputation as an honest, reliable source of products and information. We don’t make or support unsubstantiated product claims and we won’t partner with manufacturers who provide anything less than the highest quality of merchandise. Your complete product satisfaction is guaranteed.

Know the Warning Signs

If an Unfamiliar Source:

Offers "too good to be true" pricing

Dollar Sign with Line Through It

Offers large, unrealistic volumes

Dump Truck Overflowing

Promises immediate delivery

Shipping Box with Starburst Around It

Requests advance or urgent payment

Dollar Bill

To Protect Your Organization

telephone icon

Contact the manufacturer's hotline to verify that they're an authorized supplier

FDA logo

Check the FDA online databases of 510(k) and EUA approvals and suspect sources

zoom in and zoom out icons

Vet new sources and identify alternative trusted vendors