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Innovating Eye Protection with a Singular Focus

Have you ever wondered how a small change can make a big difference in the OR? That's exactly what EyeGard is doing for patient eye protection.

Unwavering Safety Assurance

At the heart of EyeGard's philosophy is a steadfast commitment to safety. Its design ensures that every patients' eyes are shielded with the same high level of care, reducing the risk of variability and enhancing overall safety.

Why EyeGard is a Better Method for Taping Patients' Eyes Shut During Surgery

Anesthesiologist resident Max Feinstein has been using EyeGard throughout his training. In this video, he discusses the risks of corneal abrasion for patients when they're under anesthesia and how some methods to prevent it are better than others.

Streamlined Efficiency in Every Procedure

EyeGard recognizes the value of your time and resources. The user-friendly design is not just about ease; it’s about creating a standardized procedure that delivers consistent results. 

Hygiene as a Priority, Not an Afterthought

Infection control is paramount in healthcare settings. As a single-use solution, EyeGard helps eliminate the risks associated with reusable options like surgical tape.

Setting New Standards in Patient Eye Safety

Embrace the EyeGard promise and bring uniformity and clarity to patient care in your practice. Our commitment to consistent, high-quality care is not just our vision, it's our promise to you.