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Engineered to accommodate virtually all TEE probes and endoscopes, Nautilus Multi Transport Trays protect equipment, patients, professionals. A secure lid eliminates the potential for recontamination of clean devices, while the Tray's large, molded design isolates the probe from the plug and cable, preventing potential over coiling. Dirty scopes and probes can be stored in the trays to eliminate cross-contamination between devices and patients, professionals, and other instruments. For superior convenience, use the Trays with the Nautilus Storage Cart (SH87340) to safely transport up to four probes and scopes at once.

Review Summary

Nautilus-Multi Transport Tray and Cover

Latex Free

Safely and Securely Transport Endoscopes and TEE Probes

  • Fits nearly all TEE probes and endoscopes, even 3'-4' in length
  • Eliminates cross-contamination between the probe or scope and patients or professionals
  • Prevents potential recontamination once the device is clean
  • Designed to isolate the probe from the plug and cable and eliminate the potential for over coiling
  • Included clean/dirty labels allow for quick, convenient identification of dirty and clean endoscopes or probes
  • Long lip allows for comfortable carrying
  • Transparent lid for superior content management
  • Made from high-impact, lightweight polystyrene
  • Nest or stack with lids on for easy storage
  • Tabbed lid snaps into the tray for added security during transport
Nautilus-Multi Transport Tray with Cover • 27.5W x 19L
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