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Monitor Your Costs While You Monitor Temperature

Crystaline II Temperature Trend Indicators Combine Economy with Reliability.
When your budget requires paying close attention to expenses, do it without sacrificing reliability. Crystaline II from Sharn Anesthesia lets you monitor both your costs and your patients at the same time. Understanding the perioperative trend is critical to satisfactory patient outcomes. Sharn temperature indicators have been used on more than 35 million patients.

The Reliability of an Electronic Probe Without the Electronics. Or the Probe.
No only is Crystaline II less expensive than disposable probes, it also eliminates hidden costs, such as maintenance, repairs, and inventory associated with electronic monitoring. As standardization occurs, Crystaline is the ideal choice to replace many of the termperature devices typically stocked in anesthesia.

Now you have a choice...

Crystaline II and Crystaline W
If you need a wider range, choose Crystaline II. If you don't need a range that low, choose Crystaline W. Both products are core adjusted, have dual scales in Celsius and Fahrenheit. Of course, both are:

•Not made of natural rubber latex

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This handy dispenser mounts on the wall or on equipment so it's nearby when you need it.



Crystaline II
5101-II Envelope 100  
Core Adjusted
92° - 106° F
33° - 41° C
5101B-II Bulk 125  
5101F-II Dispenser 125  
5101C-II Dispenser 100  
5101H-II Dispenser 50  
Crystaline W  
Core Adjusted
94° - 106° F
35° - 41° C
5105C Dispenser 100  
5105H Dispenser 50  
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