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SunCycle Recycling Bins and Cart

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Using SunCycle's recycling program for your disposable laryngoscopes reduces your facility's carbon footprint and the risk of cross-contamination. With SunCycle's bins and program, you can easily dispose of laryngoscope blades and handles. Simply drop the used devices in your bin and then contact SunCycle once it's full. SunCycle will send you a new bin, and you can ship the full receptacle back to them.

Read more about our Laryngoscope program here.

Review Summary

SunCycle Recycling Bins and Cart

Green Recycling for Laryngoscopes

  • Bins used to dispose of single-use laryngoscope blades and handles
  • Designed for use with the SunCycle recycling program
  • Reduce your facility's carbon footprint
  • Disposable laryngoscopes reduce the risk of cross-contamination
  • Cart for easier transportation can be used with any SunCycle bin
  • Products and recycling program are for the Sun-Med brand only
SunCycle Metal Rolling Cart
Estimated ship date of 10/02/2019
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