Designed to assist with quick placement of oral gastric tubes up to 18Fr, this easy-to-use guide works without any additional equipment thanks to its precurved shape, which helps overcome the anatomical structure of the pharynx. A slit shaft allows for easy removal, while the guide's beveled distal tip reduces risks of causing mucosal lesions during insertion.

Review Summary

Gastric Tube Guide

Latex Free

Quick, Easy Gastric-Tube Placement

  • Easy-to-use guide works without any additional equipment
  • Use with any gastric tube up to 18Fr
  • Insertion funnel on proximal tip eases the placement of all types of gastric tubes
  • Precurved shape and smooth beveled distal tip
  • Slit shaft allows for easy removal of the guide after gastric-tube placement
  • No need to sacrifice ET tubes for OG placement and no need to chill tubes
  • Graduation marks in centimeters to adjust the placement of the device
  • Single-patient use
Gastric Tube Guide
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