Review Summary

Safe-T-Secure Complete Trendelenburg Positioning Solution

Latex Free

The Complete Positioning Solution for Laparoscopic and Robotic Surgeries

  • Reduces prep time by stabilizing patients within one minute, as opposed to the traditional 15-20 minutes
  • Premium foam and impermeable perineal barrier eliminates direct skin contact, decreasing potential contamination risks
  • Fully integrated design includes all necessary foam, Velcro, and sheets
  • Egg-crate foam allows IV tubing and monitor wires to be tucked within the deep valleys and provides superior pressure relief
  • Consistent with AORN 2017 guidelines
  • Safely secures patients in the Trendelenburg position
  • Sing-use positioner doesn't require arm boards
Safe-T-Secure Complete Trendelenburg Positioning Solution
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