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Project Maxtec 3-in-1 Connector

The 3-in-1 Connector is designed specifically for use with multiple sizes of commonly used medical tubing. It provides users with the option to connect 22mm large bore, 15mm small bore, or 0.25" cannulas.

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Project Maxtec 3-in-1 Connector

Latex Free

3-in-1 Connector for Use with Multiple Sized Medical Tubing

  • Up to three connection options in a single reusable connector
  • Quiet with minimal patient stimulation during use
  • Connects large bore (22mm), small bore (15mm), or 0.25" cannulas to any DISS flowmeter
  • Made from machined aluminum
3 in 1 Connector
Estimated ship date of 08/14/2020
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