FireSafe Nozzles
FireSafe Nozzles FireSafe Nozzles FireSafe Nozzles FireSafe Nozzles

New Inline FireSafe(TM) Cannula Valves fit directly on your existing oxygen flowmeter outlet and can limit the impact of an oxygen fire by automatically arresting the oxygen flow. Acting like a fuse, it automatically isolates the oxygen supply thus minimizing the potential for fire disaster and improving patient safety. A must for all OE environments!

Review Summary

FireSafe Nozzles

Inline FireSafe™ Cannula Valve

  • Slows the rate of a fire developing
  • Prevents fire from reaching upstream equipment
  • Increases chance of the fire extinguishing itself
  • Minimize fire damage and cost of restoration
  • Increase patient safety
FireSafe™ Nozzle
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FireSafe™ Nozzle
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