Foster accountability and reduce preoperative errors with this interactive checklist that enhances patient safety and mitigates checklist failures, including short cutting and lack of completion. The fully customizable checklist is easy to use and understand-simply peel away individual steps as they're completed and sign off underneath. As the sign transforms, it clearly illustrates the patients' progression to readiness, and, once completed, can be added as a permanent part of the patient's record.

Review Summary

Preoperative Stop/Go Sign

Latex Free

Don't Go Unless Stop/Go Says So

  • Highly visible, interactive checklist enhances patient safety and mitigates real-world checklist failure
  • Fosters accountability and reduces concern over missed preoperative steps
  • Add as a permanent part of the patient's medical record once completed
  • Stickers peel away individually so several steps can't be checked off simultaneously
  • Visual motif with eye-catching colors and design clearly indicates patients' progression to readiness
  • Best if used with a permanent marker
Preoperative Stop/Go Sign
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Preoperative Stop/Go Sign
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