PEAK OR Warming Pad delivers positive warming upon contact and maintains warming and pressure distribution throughout the entire procedure, while. Safe for all patients and easy to use, the Warming Pad has an antimicrobial, fluid-impervious surface to reduce the spread of infection.

Review Summary

PEAK™ Warming Set Steris Amsco 2085 Table

Latex Free

Maintain Patient Normothermia in the OR

  • Pressure redistribution encourages circulation and reduces the risk of pressure ulcers
  • Delivers positive warming immediately upon contact
  • Maintains warming throughout the entire procedure and heats only the patient
  • Does not disrupt the downward flow of air in surgery
  • OrcaSeal™ antimicrobial vinyl coating provides a seamless, fluid-impervious surface
  • Easy-to-use design makes the pad ideal for all procedures, even those less than an hour
  • Safe for use with all patients, including pediatric
  • X-ray transparent
Pintler PEAK™ 3-Piece Warming Set
Steris/Amsco® CMAX 4085
Pintler PEAK™ 3-Piece Warming Set
Skytron® 1700 Tables
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