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Universal Prone/Supine Positioner

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The tear-away, removable layers of the Universal Prone/Supine Positioner provide a unique all-in-one characteristic that replaces the need for two separate positioners. The resulting benefits are reduced costs and improved supply space management. Each of the bottom layers can be removed so the positioner can be used in the supine position for induction. Layers enable easy height adjustments that accommodate any patient and the use of varying chest support systems. Discard after use.

Review Summary

Universal Prone/Supine Positioner

No Need for Two Separate Positioners

  • Unique all-in-one design includes tear-away layers for easy height adjustments
  • Removing layers creates induction positioner for supine positioning
  • Properly aligns cervical spine in prone position
  • Soft foam provides support and comfort
  • Inserts protect the face and eyes from pressure related injuries
  • Single-use to reduce cross-contamination risk
  • 9” x 8” x 6.5” (Height adjustable to 4” or 5.25”)
Universal Prone/Supine Positioner
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