FlexCPose Anesthesia Positioner
FlexCPose Anesthesia Positioner FlexCPose Anesthesia Positioner

The FlexCPose family of products has been designed for a single purpose - to achieve virtually perfect positioning, every time. Developed by two CRNAs to overcome positioning challenges of the head and neck during general anesthesia procedures, these unique positioners are capable of customized, molded fitting with every patient, regardless of size, shape, or procedure. The FlexCPose system gives the provider ideal control over the patients airway management, neck alignment, and surgical positioning.

Review Summary

FlexCPose Anesthesia Positioner

Latex Free

Achieve Optimal Airway Positioning During Any Procedure

  • Enables optimal C-spine alignment control
  • Provides clear ETT view in prone position
  • Non-skid bottom prevents sliding even in extreme Trendelenburg position
  • Easily adjustable for patient comfort
  • Easy-to-clean polyvinyl film exterior
  • Mixture of non-static foam and plastic pellet interior conforms and molds to the patient
  • 21"L x 15"W x 8"D
  • Evacuating air via rear valve further enhances optimal positioning
FlexCPose™ Anesthesia Positioner

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Estimated ship date of 11/20/2018


Estimated ship date of 11/20/2018
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