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SpiraLith Ca

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The only solid CO2 absorbent, SpiraLith Ca eliminates dusting and contains the most accurate and easy to interpret color indicator for determining remaining absorbent life. SpiraLith Ca provides long, predictable duration at all flow rates, and stops channeling which reduces waste. Made in the USA and available for most anesthesia machines.

Review Summary

SpiraLith Ca

Latex Free

The Only Solid CO2 Absorbent

  • Bold color is easy to interpret
  • Solid does not produce dust
  • Works consistently at all flow rates
  • Evenly consumed without channeling so there is less waste
SpiraLith™ Ca Cartridge
Cartridge Fits GE Avance®, Aespire®, Aisys® • SH41264 Required
Estimated ship date of 06/25/2021
SpiraLith™ Ca Cartridge
Cartridge Fits Drager® with Clic® Adapter
In Stock. Ready to Ship.
SpiraLith™ Ca Cartridge
Reusable Housing Required for SH41261
Estimated ship date of 06/25/2021
SpiraLith Stein Replacement Caps
Estimated ship date of 06/28/2021
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