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Anesthesia Hygiene Organizers

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Designed as the superior solution for protecting your anesthesia work surfaces, Anesthesia Hygiene Organizers protect against cross-contamination and are especially beneficial for high-risk patients including COVID-19, contact-isolation, VRE, and MRSA patients. Unlike similar alternatives, including garbage bags and disposable blankets, these durable covers provide complete barrier protection and have organizational pockets for safely transporting contaminated reusable instruments.

Anesthesia Hygiene Organizer Kit
  • Anesthesia organizer
  • Monitor cover
  • Computer-screen cover
  • Keyboard and mouse covers
  • Laryngoscope-handle cover

Review Summary

Anesthesia Hygiene Organizers

Latex Free

How Do You Protect Your Anesthesia Work Surfaces During Contaminated Cases?

  • Disposable organizers cover anesthesia work surfaces
  • Hygiene Organizers have dedicated pockets for contaminated equipment
  • Recommended for CVOR, transplant rooms, and high-acuity areas
  • Perforated pockets are ideal for transporting instruments
  • Adhesive holds cover securely in place and won't leave residue
  • Fluid repellant
  • Tear resistant
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Anesthesia Work Surface Cover dimensions: 50" x 76"
Anesthesia Hygiene Work Surface Cover with Pockets
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Anesthesia Hygiene Organizer • 50" x 76"
In Stock. Ready to Ship.
Anesthesia Hygiene Organizer • 50" x 76"
In Stock. Ready to Ship.
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