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MedMate Needle Guard


Review Summary

MedMate Needle Guard

Latex Free

Safety Needle Prevents Needlestick Injuries

  • Unique patented flanges guard needle and protect against accidental needlesticks
  • No cap as with traditional safety needles so no risk of accidental stick while recapping
  • Ergonomic design helps to align needle with vial or tube
  • Flanges prevent needle from contacting other surfaces thus reducing risk of cross-contamination
  • Use to withdraw medications from vials, transfer specimens into tubes, and inject medications into IV ports
  • Flanges flex to accommodate all sizes (1-30cc) and shapes of vials and specimen tubes
  • Passive safety design requires no activation
  • Uses a real metal needle and replaces hypodermic needles
MedMate™ Needle Guard • Sterile • Single Use
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MedMate™ Needle Guard • Sterile • Single Use
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