AAMI and AORN recommend that instruments be decontaminated within 30 minutes of use so organic soils don't dry, but that’s often an unrealistic goal. HumiPak keeps instruments moist for up to three days in an easy-to-use, water-tight pouch that prevents organics from drying for more effective cleaning. Simply place the instruments or instrument tray inside the HumiPak, add water to the absorbent layer, and seal the peel-away adhesive strip.

Review Summary

Humipak Moisture Tray Pouches

Prop 65

Extend the Holding Time of Soiled Instruments

  • Water-tight, moist atmosphere prevents organics from drying over an extended period of time
  • Place instruments or an instrument tray inside the HumiPak, add water, and seal
  • Items remain moist for up to three days depending on instrument type and residue composition
  • Highly absorbent material sandwiched between layers of waterproof film
  • Peel-away adhesive strip for ease of use and a secure closure
  • Transparent film can be written on for convenient content management
Half Din Size • 16.5W x 17L
Full Din Size • 16.5W x 26.5L
Double Din Size • 25.5W x 30.3L
Small Size • 7.9W x 13.8L
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