Increase your operating performance! The Great White Boot System boasts three great features. First, it has integrated clamps that snap on and off easily for quick set-up. Second, raising, lowering, abducting, and adducting is quick and easy with the ergonomic adjustment handle. And third, the boot free floats throughout the entire lithotomy range, preventing superficial nerve damage to your patient.


Range of motion: -35° low lithotomy to 90° high lithotomy

Adduction -9° and abduction 25° with infinite locking ability anywhere in between

Review Summary

Great White Power-Aid Stirrups


Easy to Set-Up Stirrups

  • Unrestricted surgical site access throughout full stirrup positioning zone
  • Easy-twist handle with easy squeeze abduction/adduction trigger for positioning
  • Patient weight limit of 600lbs
  • Includes boot liners and mounting clamps
Great White Power-Aid Adjustable Stirrups
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