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INFU-SURG Clarity Clear Pressure Infusor Bag

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The INFU-SURG clear panel enables full visibility of the solution bag to ensure accurate viewing of fluid content level. Scan labels and bar codes with less difficulty. Loads quickly and easily.

All INFU-SURG bags feature:
Includes: •Three-way stopcock and bladder inflation bulb all accessible with one hand •Color-coded gauge provides accurate pressure monitoring (0-300 mmHg) •Pressure relief valve prevents over-inflation (330 mmHg)

Review Summary

INFU-SURG Clarity Clear Pressure Infusor Bag

Latex Free

INFU-SURG Clarity Scannable Pressure Infusor

  • Unique, clear panel design ensures accurate viewing of fluid level and scanning of labeling and bar codes
  • Change solution bag without removing entire system from the IV pole with the welded hook
  • Precisely control pressure with three-way stopcock
  • Large, oval-shaped bulb allows for quick inflation of the bladder
  • Suitable for use with external inflation sources
  • Incredibly reliable - 100% tested
INFU-SURG® Clarity Pressure Infusor Bag
500cc, 5 Pack
INFU-SURG® Clarity Pressure Infusor Bag
1000cc, 5 Pack
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