Rapid Positioning Intubation Stylet
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The Rapid Positioning intubation Stylet (RPiS) is a dynamic stylet that enables the practioner to single-handedly maximize success of intubating the difficult airway when combined with video laryngoscopy.

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Steerable ETT Stylet

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Pros: Offers an addtional tool for situations where the cords can be visualized (usually just the posterior commisure with a DL, or cords in the far 12-o'clock position with a videoscope) but the standard stylet just can't get the tube there. Not a great help if the cords can't be seen. Cons: The steering mechanism in my stylet kind of had priapism.. it didn't steer in the 12 o'clock-6 o'clock plane but off at a skewed angle. Made it hard to get the tube precisely where you wanted it. Better than nothing tho.

RPiS Steerable Stylet

Latex Free

RPiS A Breakthrough in Managing Difficult Intubations

  • Controllable tip can flex and retro-flex
  • Allows distal tip control to improve speed and success of intubation
  • Accommodates endotracheal tubes with internal diameters of 6.0 to 9.0mm
  • Single-use
RPiS™ • Single Use Only • 6-9MM ET
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RPiS™ • Single Use Only • 6-9MM ET
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