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Malleable Video Stylet

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This new Video Stylet combines affordability and exceptional visualization in one product. Facilitate easier intubation with video-guided viewing of the airway structures - all at an unthinkable price point.

Video Stylet Set
  • LED Display
  • Stylet
  • USB Charger

Review Summary

Malleable Video Stylet

Latex Free

At This Price, Get One for Every OR!

  • Full-color video display provides clear visualization of structures
  • Plug-and-play design makes Video Stylet easy to use
  • Fully malleable to shape for every patient
  • Fully reusable and sterilizable stylet indicated for 100 uses
  • Display built-in rechargeable battery provides 2 hours of continuous use
Rechargeable Reusable Malleable Video Stylet • 1.5" x 2" Screen
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