LifeSense Waveform Capnography

EtCO2 monitoring provides the earliest indicator of respiratory distress. Waveform capnography provides real-time feedback on your patient's breathing and ventilation. Nonin Medical LifeSense and RespSense Capnographs, with proven MedAir™ EtCO2 technology, are ideal for spot-check and continuous EtCO2 monitoring in the OR, in special procedures, during transport and in PACU. Nonin capnographs provide accurate, first-breath EtCO2 value and waveform - even under difficult breathing conditions. The LifeSense and RespSense capnographs are easy-to-use, powerful devices suitable for a wide range of clinical settings. *Adaptor is required for use with brackets. Can move from wall to pole bracket.

Review Summary

LifeSense and RespSense Capnographs

Latex Free

Fast, First-Breath, Waveform Capnography

  • Fast, first-breath detection of breathing irregularities
  • Easy to see waveform and numerical EtCO2, RR display (on RespSense) - (SpO2 and HR on LifeSense also)
  • Extreme portability for continuous monitoring of airway integrity during transport
  • Widescreen touch panel display
  • 8-hour continuous use on single battery charge
  • Audible and visual alarms
  • Low cost of ownership - uses low-draw sidestream technology so supplies are affordable!
  • Options include a variety of mounting options, carrying case, TrendSense™ memory module, download cables and software
LifeSense® EtCO2/SpO2 Vital Signs Monitor
RespSense™ EtCO2 Vital Signs Monitor
Mounting/Carrying Options
Rotating, Wall or Pole Mounting Bracket*
Mounting/Carrying Options
Mounting Adaptor*
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Mounting/Carrying Options
Nonin Protective Rubber Boot
Mounting/Carrying Options
Nonin Soft Carrying Case
TrendSense™ Memory Module
Water Trap with Filter
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Filters for LifeSense and RespSense
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LifeSense II EtCO2/SpO2 Vital Signs Monitor, Med Soft Sensor
RespSense II EtCO2 Vital Signs Monitor
Accessories • LifeSense II/RespSense II
Carrying Case
Accessories • LifeSense II/RespSense II
Capno Report Converter CD/USB, 8GB
Accessories • LifeSense II/RespSense II
Power Supply
LifeSense II EtCO2/SpO2 Vital Signs Monitor, Finger Sensor
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