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EtCO2 Adult Nasal Cannulas

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This unique EtCO2 nasal cannula features an innovative sampling and delivery block with central channels and port for simultaneous CO2 sampling and O2 delivery.

Review Summary

EtCO2 Adult Nasal Cannulas

Latex Free

EtCO2 Sampling and Oxygen Delivery Cannula

  • CO2 is collected in the nares and orally via the integrated supplemental oral port and deflector tab
  • O2 is delivered separately via unique center channels
  • Separate CO2 sample and O2 delivery channels minimize dilution
  • CO2 tab is less obtrusive than oral scoops or trunks
  • Blue tint makes it easy to verify position on patient and easy to recognize
  • Soft, comfortable prongs and harness
  • Works with any sidestream monitor
EtCO2 Adult Nasal Cannula
7' Female Luer • 7' Universal O2 Connection
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EtCO2 Adult Nasal Cannula
7' Male Luer • 7' Universal O2 Connection
EtCO2 Adult Nasal Cannula
14' Male Luer • 14' Universal O2 Connection
Estimated ship date of 02/18/2020
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