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ReDe Mask

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Designed to provide a visual breath-by-breath signal to indicate respiration rate, the ReDe Mask uses a three-color LED signaling system to indicate breathing events. A green light illuminates with each breath greater than eight breaths per minute, a yellow light illuminates with each breath from three to eight breaths per minute, and a red light flashes when the respiration rate falls below three breaths per minute to warn that the patient needs immediate attention.

Review Summary

ReDe Mask

Latex Free

Mask Provides Clear Visual Indication of Patient Respiratory Status

  • Provides a patient with supplemental oxygen while monitoring the breathing rate
  • Provides a visual signal with each exhalation and a visual alarm when the patient stops breathing
  • More sensitive respiration monitor than other alternatives because it detects exhalation at the nose and/or mouth, thus providing a sure measure of actual breathing
  • Does not take the place of monitoring performed by a healthcare provider and is not a standalone device
ReDe Mask
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