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The heat-reflective material on these single-use blankets works to naturally preserve body temperature and prevent convective heat loss. Ideal for use before, during, or after surgery, the economical, environmentally friendly blankets promote patient comfort and satisfaction.

Review Summary

ThermalX Blankets

Latex Free

Maintain Normothermia and Improve Patient Satisfaction

  • Heat-reflective material preserves body temperature and prevents convective heat loss
  • Promotes patient satisfaction and comfort
  • Use before, during, or after surgery or as a rescue device
  • Economical and environmentally friendly
  • Nonconductive, radio-translucent, and safe in conjunction with laser surgery
  • Does not use electricity; won't burn patients
ThermalX Small Blanket, Infant, 35 X 39 IN,
ThermalX Medium Blanket, 48 X 48 IN,
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ThermalX Large Blanket, 48 X 83 IN,
ThermalX Adult Cap • Best Seller
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ThermalX Foot Warmers
ThermalX Adjustable Legging
Large Jacket • Silver Outside, Green Inside
Large Jacket • Green with Silver Arms
Small Pulse Oximetry Mitt
Adult Pulse Oximetry Mitt
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