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CarboTrack, Universal Capnography Adapter

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Safer and more effective than similar makeshift solutions, the CarboTrack adapts to most oral and nasal airways, facemasks, and cannulas to provide enhanced end-tidal CO2 tracking. Ideal for the OR, ER, and PACU, the CarboTrack enhances patient safety by virtue of its design and reduces inadequate and unreliable tracings.

Review Summary

CarboTrack, Universal Capnography Adapter

Latex Free

Safe, Convenient End-Tidal CO2 Sampling from Any Airway

  • Enhances patient safety by facilitating improved end-tidal CO2 tracking under moderate and deep sedation
  • Adapts to most airways, facemasks, and cannulas so they can provide simultaneous EtCO2 sampling
  • Features CO2 sample line port, nasal cannula docking ports, suction/utility ports, and medical-grade adhesive
CarboTrack™ • Adult
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