Your busy work environment requires efficiency and flexibility. The storage needs you have today may not be the same next year, but this system adapts easily to new situations and the basic components never become obsolete. Simply rearrange, or add to, as needs change. The inside “cell” panels allow baskets and trays to operate much like drawers where they can be extended for easy access. Built-in stops prevent unnecessary removal, yet by fully extending the basket or tray and pulling them up and out, they can easily be removed for reconfiguring, restocking, or cleaning.

Review Summary

9-Cell Narrow Cart


Store and Move Everything from Big to Small

  • Interchange wire baskets, plastic trays, waste basket, and a locking drawer for completely task-specific cart use
  • Includes locking cabinet door
  • Smooth-surface tambour door
  • Seamless ABS tops for easy cleaning
  • Aluminum frame and aluminum/poly panel sides
Wire Basket
3"H (uses 1 cell)
Estimated ship date of 09/25/2018
Wire Basket
6"H (uses 2 cells)
Estimated ship date of 09/25/2018
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