Shield-Stacks-Stethoscope-Shields Shield-Stacks-Stethoscope-Shields

Providing a more convenient and hygienic solution than other stethoscope shields, Shield-Stacks® Stethoscope Shields reduce cross-contamination and won't affect acoustics. Simply apply the 10-shield stack to your stethoscope diaphragm and remove an individual shield after each use.

Review Summary

Shield-Stacks Stethoscope Shields

One Solution Protects Multiple Patients from Cross-Contamination

  • Stack of 10 shields attaches at once for quick, efficient application
  • Ideal for on-the-go use; easier than finding dispensers
  • More hygienic than placing individual shields
  • Discard individual covers after each use
  • Easy-access pocket packs have enough covers for 60 examinations
  • Won't influence acoustics
Shield-Stacks® Stethoscope Shields
Pediatric • 1,440-shield box
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Shield-Stacks® Stethoscope Shields
Adult • 1,440-shield box
Estimated ship date of 11/22/2017
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