Carbolime CO2 Absorbents

Granular soda lime absorbent for dependable, efficient CO2 absorbtion. Proportionate mix of calcium hydroxide and a small amount of sodium hydroxide; contains no KOH.

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Carbolime CO2 Absorbents

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Carbolime™ CO2 Absorbents

Carbolime CO2 Absorbent
Bag Refill for Reusable Canisters • 1.64L/3lb
Estimated ship date of 07/23/2018
Carbolime CO2 Absorbent
Cylindrical Reusable Canister • 1kg/2.205lbs
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Carbolime CO2 Absorbent
Bulk Pail • 21L • Yields Approx. 15-17 Refills
Estimated ship date of 07/30/2018
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